Holy Rankings Batman!

Where does Ben Affleck's Batman fall in the rankings of all things Batman in the movies

There Are So Many Rappers With Lil in Their Name

From Lil Yachty to Lil Deuce, there are way too many rappers out there with names that start with Lil

‘Stranger Things 2’: Winners & Losers

Picking winners and losers from the second season of 'Stranger Things'

25 Uses for This Great Picture of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence guest hosted 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Thursday night and this picture is endlessly entertaining

Hey, Maroon 5’s First Album was Really Good

With the release of their sixth album, it's important to look back at Maroon 5's first album 'Songs About Jane'

Coming Clean: I Don’t Find David S. Pumpkins Funny

The Tom Hanks-led SNL sketch has become a cultural phenomenon and I have no idea why

Change is in the Air on The Ghost of Paul Revere’s New Album

On their excellent new album the holler folk trio from Maine continue to flesh out their sound and deliver their most complete work to date

Who is the Greatest HBO Character Ever?

A March Madness-style tournament to determine who is the greatest HBO character of all time: Tony Soprano, Stringer Bell, Larry David or someone else?

Take Your Pick: Dodgers or Astros

For the unaffiliated among us, who should you root for in the 2017 World Series?

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