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The Greatest HBO Character of All Time: Day One

Day One of Giddy Up America's Greatest HBO's Greatest Character Ever Tournament- the first round of the Soprano Bracket

The Greatest HBO Character of All Time

A March Madness style tournament to find out who is the greatest HBO character of all time

The President’s Podcast Will be Lame & More Predictions for 2013

For me personally, 2012 has been a great year and I find myself miles away from where I was a year ago…and I mean this both literally and figuratively. It is time to look forward, though. What does 2013 have in store for us? The Officially Official Giddy Up, America List of Predictions for the ...

The Wire Project: rewatching the greatest TV show of all time. Again.

After about five months, Future Wife & I finished our Wire Project- taking the Wire, the incredibly great HBO series, on from start to finish. It was Kim’s first time through and what I think was my fifth. The Wire Project was meant to be our winter project, but we took it slow and so ...