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Make Way for the Peaky Blinders

The latest British TV show to hit American shores, Peaky Blinders, is part Boardwalk Empire, part Godfather and part amazing.

Favorite Things of 2014

A list of my ten favorite things that happened in 2014

Emmy Predictions by Committee

Previewing the 2014 Emmy Awards and letting the Head, the Heart and the Gut make some picks

Let’s Get On With the Business

A review of the Hold Steady & the Drive By Truckers in Asbury Park

The World Cup of Television

Introducing Giddy Up America's World Cup of Television, a tournament to determine who is the best character on TV during this most recent Golden Age of Television

Trust, Tusk & Turtlenecks

The Americans is a great new show, but after being burned by Homeland and The Bridge, I'm finding it hard to trust a new show again

Levels of Re-Watchableness

There's no question that there's been some great television shows out there in the past decade or so. But how re-watchable are these shows?

No Apologies

Whether you like it or not, House of Cards is back.

Pharrell to the Rescue

Pharrell's new album, GIRL, is the most enjoyable album to come out in years. It's so enjoyable, that it can even make the most loathsome activities fun.