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Making Sense of the ‘True Detective’ Finale

The third season finale was somewhat of a bummer. But what kind of bummer was it?

Stephen Dorff is ‘True Detective’s’ Mid-Season MVP

Despite playing a supporting role, Stephen Dorff has been the third season of 'True Detective's' secret weapon

Hold Up A Second HBO…

HBO is reportedly pulling the plug on True Detective, which is a bummer of a missed opportunity

Full Moon Fever what is going on with True Detective? An attempt to find out.

The Night is Dark and Full of Dudes in Bird Masks

Trying to make some season of True Detective season two so far

The Yellow King Can Wait

I can't stop thinking about True Detective. You can't stop thinking about True Detective. So let's do ourselves a favor and try and think about something else. Just for a minute or two.

Rust Never Sleeps

While you were watching the Olympics, True Detective became the best show on television.

Let’s Not Talk About the Snow

Let's talk about something other than the snow- like the Olympics, True Detective and the new Band of Horses' album

For Your Consideration: Golden Howl

The second EP from San Diego's Golden Howl is the perfect way to combat the madness that is the world around us right now