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As If I Needed A Reason to Re-Watch ‘The Wire,’ HBO Gave Me One

HBO released trailers for 'The Wire' and 'Deadwood' as both shows have now landed on Amazon Prime

The Wire Project: rewatching the greatest TV show of all time. Again.

After about five months, Future Wife & I finished our Wire Project- taking the Wire, the incredibly great HBO series, on from start to finish. It was Kim’s first time through and what I think was my fifth. The Wire Project was meant to be our winter project, but we took it slow and so ...

All the Rankings Matter

On the 10th anniversary of the series finale, looking back at 'The Wire'

The Pop Culture Wish List

What movie or TV show would you like to see? What band would you like to see get back together? Where should they set a TV show?

The Lyrics Born Playlist

20 of Giddy Up America's favorite tracks from Bay Area rapper Lyrics Born

18 Things to Look Forward to in 2018

From 'Atlanta' to new music from Justin Timberlake, here are 18 things to look forward to in 2018

Honoring the Best of 2017

Handing out some awards to the people, places & things that made 2017 tolerable

Coming Clean: I Don’t Find David S. Pumpkins Funny

The Tom Hanks-led SNL sketch has become a cultural phenomenon and I have no idea why

The True Crime Genre Has a Problem

The true crime genre has exploded in recent years, but their long-term success is problematic because of one simple reason