Monday Jams, volumes 1-12

Playlists for the hardest day of the week: Monday


I’ve made the case before that certain days of the week require certain kinds of music. This argument begins and ends with Mondays, especially Mondays in the summer. Summer weekends are the best! The flip side is that Summer Mondays can be the worst, especially when you stayed up to late thinking about the most recent Game of Thrones.

Of course any Monday, regardless of when in the year it happens, is harsh business. Summer Mondays are terrible, but are they any worse than a Monday in fall, winter or spring? There is no debate here – Mondays are the worst day imaginable, followed by Thursday, Wednesday and Tuesday. And yes, I put Thursday second and entertain no discussions about that distinction. And thankfully I’m not alone.




















As for Monday, in response to the harsh reality Mondays provide, I put together Monday Jams playlists. I can’t promise they will get you through the day, only hope they will help in some small way. As of 2017 comes to a close, we have 8 volumes, plus a bonus best of playlist.

Monday Jams, volume 1

















Monday Jams, volume 2
















Monday Jams, volume 3













Monday Jams, volume 4














Monday Jams, volume 5















Monday Jams, volume 6

Monday Jams, volume 7










Monday Jams, volume 8: the all-Maine edition








Best of the Monday Jams, volume 1






Monday Jams, volume 9




Monday Jams, volume 10


Monday Jams, volume 11

Monday Jams, volume 12

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