A Damn Good Crush

daily600-1355500444Two things recently happened.

First, my darling wife and I finished watching both seasons of Twin Peaks. Twenty five years late to the party, but cool with it nonetheless. Hey, thanks Netflix!

Second, DRGN KING, a great band from Philadelphia, released their second full length album, Baltimore Crush.

These two things are essentially not related beyond the fact that both occurrences happened around the same time. These two things also have very little in common, unless DRGN KING’S bassist wields a log as opposed to a bass. But I find that unlikely. Possible. But unlikely.

DRGN KING has been a Giddy Up America-approved band since the jump. Their song “Holy Ghost” remains one of Giddy Up America’s top ten songs. The band’s 2012 album, Paragraph Nights, was a fresh and original album from an equally fresh and original band. I’ll never ever get sick of the song “Warriors.” It’s the musical equivalent of a cup of coffee at the Double R Diner- damn good and frequently just what I need.

So with Paragraph Nights being such a good album, what could we expect from the follow up? What direction would DRGN KING head towards- the upbeat pop rock of “Wild Night,” the hip hop-flavored bounce of “Altamont Nights” or some place removed from either?

Seeing as how DRGN KING are not your typical band, they deserve a review of their new album that is equally not typical. And given my recent completion of Twin Peaks and it’s presence in nearly every thought I’ve produced since finishing the show Sunday night- why not combine the two- a review of Baltimore Crush told via Twin Peaks .gifs.

“In the Future”


Baltimore Crush was one of those albums that I was both really interested in and had highly anticipated, given my fondness for Paragraph Nights. I wanted to see how they would follow up that album and what that follow up would sound like. This is a feeling I have with a lot of my favorite bands when listening to one of their new albums. There is something fun and exciting about hearing that first song. “In the Future” doesn’t disappoint. Doesn’t blow me away either. It falls somewhere in between- although it should be noted that that somewhere in between is definitely not a bad place.

“St. Toms”

st toms

Oh, this is a pleasant little number. It has a cool, swinging groove.

“Afraid Of”

afaird of

All right. Not a huge fan of this one. Little too plodding and slow for me.



This song is groovy…in a good way. I like the light bounce to it, the bass line is great (and seemingly proof that the bass player does in fact use a bass and not a log.) The chorus is great. “Undertow” is easily my favorite song so far.

“Alchemist’s Lament”


This song is a cool customer. Chill with a real peaceful vibe to it. Restraint, playing quiet, I feel that tends to show what kind of chops a band and/or musician has better than rocking out all kinds of crazy. The patience of this song is admirable.

“Don’t Trust the Sad Boys”

sad boys

Love those fun, DRGN KING rock songs! I bet this song is killer live.

“Hazy Memories”

hazy memories

Oddly enough, a song called “Hazy Memories” reminds me of something. Again, not a bad thing. This song could be the cousin of “Altamont Sunrise.” Same feel and groove.

“Lovers Rock”

lovers rock

“Lovers Rock” has kind of a dual personality, in which it starts out soft and subtle and finishes rawkus and loud.

“Fail Big”

fail big

Not a huge fan of this song, but not going to hate, hate, hate on it either. This is probably another good live jawn.

“Solo Harp”

solo harp

You got to nail that closing track, which the band does with this song. Has a big ol’ feel that comes storming it.

Final Verdict?


Good work boys.

Check out more DRGN KING here.


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