The Greatest HBO Character of All Time: One Year Later

Looking back at last year’s Greatest HBO Character of All Time tournament and what might have changed since then

Last year, caught up in the…well…the madness of March Madness and feeling the pressure to do what nearly every other website on the Internet does this time of year, specifically, create a March Madness style bracket about something other than basketball, I came up with Giddy Up America’s Greatest HBO Character of All Time Tournament. It was a lot of fun and only a times, slightly stressful. There was a lot of YouTube clips, contributions from the peanut gallery on Facebook and a reoccurring need to keep myself from skewing the tournament to The Wire-centric.

You can check out a recap of the tournament here.

In the end, Omar from The Wire beat out Larry David. This was ultimately not a surprise.

If there was a big surprise, it was David beating Tony Soprano in the Final Four. But that made sense then, makes sense now.

Now a year later, I thought I’d take a look back at the tournament and see if my feelings about any of the various results had changed.

#3 seed Nucky Thompson (Boardwalk Empire) beats #7 seed Kenny Powers (Eastbound and Down)

kenny-powers-braidsOne year removed and with another season under each other’s belts and it’s been much more beneficial to Kenny Effin’ Powers than Nucky. Even seeing Powers as a seven seed now seems crazy. There’s never been a character like him before and that should count for something, should propel him past Nucky. Nucky has become the least interesting part of show that has never been able to be as interesting as it wanted to be and I hoped.

Kenny would have still lost to Tony Soprano in the third round, though.

Johnny Drama (Entourage) as a #5 seed

Seems like he’s ranked too high and he should be ranked lower- most likely a seven seed. He should probably swap spots with Jon Snow (a seven seed.) Neither would advance any further as Jon would be losing to Cersei Lannister now instead of Omar. I still have love for Drama, just not as much.

Side note: my level of excitement for the Entourage movie is slightly above my excitement for mulching my backyard this spring. Translated: I’m not that excited.

#6 seed Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) upsets #3 seed Christopher Moltisanti (The Sopranos)

012513-gotblog-s3-02This one definitely doesn’t seem like an upset a year later. Actually seems like it’d be more of an upset if Moltisanti beat the Mother of Dragons. This is again, a possible instance of mis-seeding. But it also represents the one main problem with this tournament- Game of Thrones is still on, The Sopranos isn’t. The book on Daenerys is still being written (literally.) It’s an unfair advantage because the more we learn about her, the further away Christopher gets.

The Final Four: Omar Little (The Wire,) Stringer Bell (The Wire,) Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm,) Tony Soprano (The Sopranos)

A year later and this stays the same. No one, specifically anyone on Game of Thrones, has done enough yet to unseat any of these dudes.

Who Would Be In Now Who Wasn’t Before?

richard-blood-650x364Of those characters that missed the cut, the one that has made me realize they should have been in the tournament the most is Richard Harrow of Boardwalk Empire. He SPOILER ALERT was the heart of Boardwalk, a show that more often than not, struggled by not having enough heart, by having enough characters that we really and truly cared about. They killed off the first one (Jimmy Darmody) and then last season, they killed off the second (Richard.) It makes it kind of a good thing that this next season will be their last.

Who Would That Character Replace?

My first thought was Barb Henrickson of Big Love, but I stick my belief that Big Love needed to be represented in the tournament and she was the one to do it. So that leaves another eight seed- Sookie Stackhouse of True Blood. Let’s face it, True Blood really only deserves to have one character in this tournament- Eric. Sookie was stretching it. If I did this whole thing again, she’s out.

Any Additions to the List of Those Who Just Missed the Cut?

big_s2Yes, as a matter of fact, there are. There’s Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones, Rust Cohle from True Detective and Selina Meyer from Veep.

Any Last Words?

Go Michigan State.

You can catch up on the entire tournament HERE.

Photos: HBO


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