The Greatest HBO Character of All Time: Day Three

Day Three of Giddy Up America’s Greatest HBO’s Greatest Character Ever Tournament- the first round of the Tyrion Lannister Bracket

Day three. The Tyrion Lannister bracket. Some good match ups here. If you’d like to see how the first rounds of the brackets went, check out round 1 of the McNulty bracket and round 1 of the Tony Soprano bracket. The biggest upset so far has been Kenny Powers, a number 7, over a number 2 seed, Al Swearengen. My cousin Joe Nixon was not overly thrilled with this. His friend said it was sacrilege.

To each his own.

But how does Joe Nixon feel about one of the upcoming match ups?

1. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones) vs. 8. Nate Fisher (Six Feet Under)

Joe Nixon thinks this match up is a no brainer. Tyrion. I agree. Neither of us have ever seen Six Feet Under and that’s taken into consideration. But unless Fisher, one of the show’s main characters, somehow managed to top one of the following things during Six Feet Under’s run, then there isn’t much of a decision to be made:
– killing a guy with a shield
– destroying the majority of an invading navy with only one arrow
– hilariously befriending a bad ass sword for hire who might kind of hate him

I’m pretty sure a guy running a funeral parlor did none of those things.

Winner: Tyrion

4. Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones) vs. 5. Johnny Drama (Entourage)

This is a tough one and it’s had me stumped for almost a day now. I think part of the problem is I have two initial thoughts happening at the same time-

Thought number 1: Cersei is a huge part of Game of Thrones.

Thought number 2: Drama was hilarious on Entourage.

That’s how crazy this has gotten- two initial thoughts at the same time. By definition alone that doesn’t seem possible. But it was and it happened. So now I’m sitting here a day later, mulling over this same match up. I refuse to go any further until this is resolved.

What does Joe Nixon have to say?

“I sort of lost track of Entourage after season 3, so that may color my thinking on this match-up even if it isn’t very fair.  Maybe I’m just being just being too much of a dork and going with the nerd-favorite Game of Thrones character, but I think it says something that in 7 or 8 seasons of Entourage I can’t think of a truly memorable Johnny Drama moment (it’s also been a couple of years).  Did we really care if Drama got that big part, if he nailed that one French chick, or if his show got cancelled?  Not really.  Cersei is a much more important character and you can’t really have the show without her at this point.  Her actions have consequences that affect everyone else on the show.  Drama’s default plot line was failure; Cersei is a fully realized character and a force to be reckoned with.  Sure, she’s pretty evil, and waaay too into incest, but just about everything she does is to protect her horrible kids. Again, some of this isn’t very fair since GOT is still running while Entourage has been over for a while, and Entourage was inconsequential by its very nature.  Plus, I just (expletive deleted) hate Entourage.  So Cersei for the win, noting my anti-Entourage bias.”

Some good points there. The only thing I would possibly disagree with is the unforgettable nature of Drama’s character. He had some of the best lines & best scenes on Entourage. That has to count for something. Maybe video evidence would help?

(searching YouTube)

I just spent a half hour looking through YouTube for good Johnny Drama clips and couldn’t find one that could be used to really back up his case. Not one. A few clips of him yelling “victory” and a couple other slightly amusing ones, but nothing that was able to convey exactly what I feel he meant to Entourage and anything that could legitimately stand up to Cersei. This has me thinking that maybe I am thinking about Johnny Drama in the same way I remember college. I’m only thinking about the good things and forgetting everything else. And the good things I do remember are slightly distorted by time passed and selective memory.

So with that being said, while yes, Drama was funny and he was a great character, he can’t beat the force of evil that is Cersei Lannister.

Sorry, Drama. At least he’ll always have this scene…

Winner: Cersei

3. Jimmy Darmody (Boardwalk Empire) vs. 6. Adam Sackler (Girls)

Adam is a great character, even though he may or may not have raped someone recently. He is a breath of fresh, masculine air on a show that is otherwise incredibly feminine. Weird, huh? It’s like the show is called Girls or something. Regardless, Adam is a pretty mesmerizing character. When he’s not in a scene or even in an episode- I miss him.

But did you know his last name was Sackler? I had no idea.

In a perfect world, Mr. Sackler might have a chance to advance. But this is not a perfect world because A) he’s going up against Boardwalk Empire’s Jimmy Darmody and B) Darmody only lasted two seasons before he was killed.

I don’t even know where to begin with Darmody and if anything, I want to save some ammunition for the next round when he’s (spoiler alert) most likely going up against Omar Little. So I’ll just say this- Jimmy Darmody made Boardwalk Empire an interesting and compelling show when it was valiantly trying to become one. Do you even remember the first season of Boardwalk? I barely do and I watched every episode. Here’s what I do remember- convincing myself and my darling wife we should watch it because it had to be good based on the people involved and give it a season or two, and it will be good. Season two was Jimmy’s season, when Jimmy got a little two big for his britches and tried to steal Atlantic City away from Nucky. It was a great season. It was the season that breathed life (not new life- life) into Boardwalk and that was due largely in part to Darmody’s increased role. Halfway through season 2 I thought the show was going to become Darmody’s show instead of Nucky’s. Jimmy owned it.

Then he died. Kind of a bummer.

But we won’t hold that against him. Jimmy Darmody was a effin’ great character and there’s no way some weirdo from Brooklyn is taking him out.

Winner: Jimmy Darmody

2. Omar Little (The Wire) vs. Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)

Poor Jon Snow. First he’s a bastard. Then he’s captured by Wildlings and now? Now he has to go up against Omar. Poor kid can’t catch a break.

Let’s throw it back to Joe Nixon about this one:

“Jon Snow versus Omar?  Are you actually asking that question?  Jon Snow isn’t my favorite character at the best of times and Kit Harrington has about one facial expression: dim-witted pout.  People always say, “You look confused, Jon Snow.”  He always looks like that!  Omar. Is. The. Shit.  Unless he has to face off against Bubbles, then I will cry and be paralyzed with indecision.”

That’s pretty definitive.

But hey, on the plus side for young Jon Snow- his dire wolf Ghost is pretty cool.

So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

Winner: Omar

Next up? Round 1 of the Stringer Bell bracket.

Images- HBO

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